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Just For Healthy Life
Tianjin Grantti International Co.,Ltd was established in 2009. Its headquarter locates in Bei ZhaKou development town of Jinnan district which is in the middle of downtown Tianjin and Binhai development area. We are focused on the international high quality brands’ promotion and operation. During years of development, we have becoming the leading food importing companies in China.
Global cuisine
Gantti is adhering to the philosophy of Just for healthy life, from selection of product’s origin to quality ,we never compromise.Across the language difference and Geographical gap, we bring quality products from all over the world through thousands of miles journey back to China
Rich channels
Product sales channels include: Taobao, Tmall, JD, freshhema, CR Vanguard, RT-Mart, Dennis, Suguo Supermarket, OLE, SUNING and other major online platforms and supermarkets.
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                               Brand CooperationGantti is committed to the promotion and operation of international quality brand, with high quality products and excellent reputation, after years of development, it has become a leading company in the field of imported food in China.